Monday, November 28, 2005

Let's Kill...

John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are pointing guns at each other. One is asking other to give him his face back. I am not sure who is asking whom. Why? They are speaking Telugu. ‘Face off’ in Telugu looks funny.

Ek munda meri umar da, ji dekho dilon ki baatein nahi jaanta’.
Mamta Kulkarni sings for Salman. It is hard to make this reborn Salman fall in love. The avatars of ‘Karan Arjun’ will once again prove that for a movie director impossible is nothing. Good luck Thakur Durjan Singh. Rakhi ke Karan Arjun aayenge. After all ‘Ye bandhan to pyar ka bandhan hai, janmon ka sangam hai’.

Raj Thakrey resigns. ‘Thakrey banam (Vs) Thakrey’ is the headline. The battle for top post in Shiv Sena seems to be near explosion. At 80 Bal Thakrey is not the person he used to be. Even Udhav and Raj are not the successors he would have truly wished for. Shiv help your Sena.
PS: BCCI your pitches are safe as of now.

Move on…

[V] ‘Kiss na’ sings a song. Guess if he got to kiss the girl in Kalyug. Anyone wants to bet if Emraan Hashmi took some special training.

Star Sports: ‘It takes more than a run, more a wicket and more than a catch to get on HITZ. Michael Vaughan scores a brilliant hundred against the mighty Aussies. Who would have thought England will give this treatment to the champions. Don’t know if you are interested in cricket but this Ashes was one hell of a series.

I am in Andhra Pradesh, that means most of the channels are in languages which are beyond my pea size knowledge. No problems. Just move on…

Z Cinema: Sameera Reddy just saved Anil Kapoor from a train and from Sanjay Dutt. Sanju dada looks dashing on his Royal Enfield. The ‘Musafir’ gets the girl and a bag full of cash. TEZ DHAARR...

Z Café: Hey!! It’s FRIENDS. Joey and Rachel are trying their luck at the sex thing. Chandler is busy spreading the joy. Poor Ross is busy getting tanned on the wrong side. And Phoebe is stuck with Scrappy Monica. HOW YOU DOIN?

I don’t generally give more than a passing glance to channels like Discovery, History, Animal planets and like. It is much better too know less about the world. What is the point in knowing what misery all people are living or dying in. The same goes with the news channels. I mean except death destruction, natural or gift from one man to the other, gift from one Osama to US, gift from the other bigger powerful Osama (read Bush) to Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s the same story everywhere on all these channels. Plus the journalists these days suck. Use common sense, move on…

Tom Cruise fights for a cause. The Last Samurai. Death and destruction. Move on…
Some special task force in a hindi clip doing encounters to eradicate the bad people. Death and destruction. Move on…
Main prem ki deewani hoon. Hrithik, Kareena. Can’t get worse. They suck. Move on…

Z Trendz: Sometimes I wonder where in the world the ladies wear clothes which cover only one of the two in the front and none of the two in the rear. Move on… (though I will come back here for sure)

Star One: Oh it’s not Friday, and it’s not 10 pm on Friday. Move on…

Still reading!! Move on…

Got a TV. Got cable connection (necessary). Got a remote control (not necessary though).
What are you waiting for? Start browsing through channels. Over and over again.

Let’s kill some time.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Gladiators

“Win the crowd and you will win your freedom”.

That’s what I have done all these years and if I have to believe myself it is impossible to win freedom as long you are breathing. I have no experience of the freedom after you stop breathing. Let’s see if I can write one blog from up there.

For Maximus it was easy, kill and win. He knew what he had to do. Avenge his wife and son’s murder. He was a great Gladiator because he had the skill and he knew what he wanted and what he was doing (plus he was in reel life). But in real life we, the gladiators, have a little different game at hands. There is no crowd watching us, cheering us, living and dying with us but they are there. More dangerous than they would be if they would sit in an arena and watch us play our lives.

This crowd doesn’t work on the win-win philosophy. You have to lose in order to win the crowd. And sometimes it is even worse. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter at all, you can’t win the crowd.

Who is this crowd and why we are gladiators. The answers lie deep down the earth where SMALL G (g) is equal to (=) ZERO (0) THAT IS (i.e.) g = 0. It is the pull of crowd that makes gladiators. Pull of doing great things for the crowd, being recognized and being remembered by the crowd, living a comfortable life and God knows what other thousands of pulls there are. And hence the point where g = 0 gets buried deep down those covers of pulls. These pulls and covers start taking shape the moment you are conceived in your mother’s womb. The gladiator is born before you, me, we, everybody is born.

And for this gladiator there is no one waiting in the other world. The ones who love him are also the part of that crowd. The crowd is what a gladiator lives for, lives with, dies for and dies without.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

It’s my third job in just over a year. Don’t really know if life has been good but it’s moving along well, like a Bombay local. Picking up mornings and dropping them at their respective evenings, some held on till night.

But this one is not a Bombay local. I am sitting in a train in Andhra P. Don’t know the trains name, where it starts or where its going. I nearly missed it or rather just caught it by few seconds, some confusion between two drivers as to who was to pick me from the hotel. This is the third consecutive journey where I have been the last one to arrive.

I am in and the metals have started grinding against each other. The round one thinks it is better, it gets to see the world, other knows it gets to see the world longer and better. Some times its good to be still in life.

I have to edit a word document so I took out my laptop to work and started working on different document, this one. Two side berths (actually one) are/is occupied by a two lovers (I guess so by the way they are… lets not discuss the way they are…).

Mukesh sings (with the help of Windows Media Player, Thx Bill Gates!!)

Teri yaad dil se mitane chala main apni hasti mitane chala hoon..

I am missing delhi…

I am trying to play some songs for the couple. But actually ending up playing depressing numbers…

Mukesh goes on..

Waqt karta jo wafa, aap hamare hote……

The other guy from my company who is traveling with me wants us to listen this song. Something special. Mukesh goes mute…(how easy to control people through few buttons, wish it was so)… He has played ‘Habeebi’, its in Arabic, very sweet to listen. He tells he and his wife danced on this number on their wedding. He seems to miss her a lot. Have called her four times since morning. He told me India is very expensive when it comes to international calling. Poor chap paid around 600 INR for calling her wife 3 times for a minute or so each time. It was time to put things back into perspective. While we waited for the driver back at hotel, I took him to a phone booth and this time he paid only 50 bucks for four minutes of call. It was just that he was making calls from the hotel phone earlier. He is happy to know the trick. I guess he won’t be making any calls from the hotels ever again. We are friends now. Isn’t making friends so easy.

Earlier we exchanged cards. Not really exchanged, Manik and Derar exchanged and gave one each to me. “I am yet to get mine” was all I said and of course added “I joined recently”. This is my third job in a year or so and by the time I get my business cards I am already in the next company’s office. It should be different this time though (I hope so).

TT said it would take around three and a half hour to reach our station. It’s nearly three, I should enquire.

As luck would have it. The first person told me that Samalpur Jn. was the station we just crossed. “No it’s the next one” shouted a lady sitting in next cabin. What a relief. Sometimes I do love women; no I think I love them all the times even when they are not to be.

We are here now in this hotel, where we will be staying till another journey, another train, another flight and another day. We had food (which by the way was pathetic) and now I have browsed through the TV channels twice. Mostly maddu, but time can be killed very easily, very very easily.

Mukesh sang earlier. Think I wasn’t listening then….

Aaya hai mijhe fir yaad ai zalim, guzra zamana…..


Sukhdev Singh is milking a buffalo when I call him. We are speaking after a long gap. His voice carries the same cheerful energy I remember....