Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Tell Joe, Baku is Snowy

Snowy Snowey, Joe Joey.

Know what you are talking about. Don’t shout when talking (discuss like humans). Stop having an opinion on everything (it’s not as essential as breathing). Don’t lose temper ten times a day (deep breaths when you are almost there with the temper). Definitely some exercise, physical activity (maybe join a gym). One makes a lot of plans. This year as well there are certain resolutions, some listed above and some more important ones which are not yet listable. Attempt will be to succeed on few. Havn’t had much success in the past but let’s hope it’s different this time.

Actually, it has not started differently. Been lazing around. Havn’t been in India in 2010 (temper can’t be tested till I get home, that’s where I am more prone to lose it). Having an opinion on everything, well that’s another story, a totally different one. The other day I let a topic/debate pass by, hard done, but did it. Quite an achievement I will say.

Seen four countries in three weeks of the New Year. High flying / globe trotting whatever you call it. It tends to lose its novelty in a year or two. Then you just wish the economy-class-leg-cramping journeys to get over with (can’t stop having opinions as easily I guess). But finally the new assignment has started and hopefully the frequent flying won’t be that excessive. I should sound a bit more cheery. Just saw my first snowfall (which incidentally has resulted in two days off work due to bad road conditions). Snow is fun (till it starts melting, that is everyone’s opinion here and I tend to agree with it). If I didn’t despise the job when it comes to starting in a new location so much I would have had little more fun.

Was going to write on something totally different. And have been mumbling about what not. Practically on the verge of losing my mind these past few weeks. Havn’t done much work (not entirely my fault), people here don’t understand English so can’t talk to people outside office, it’s too cold and havn’t tried venturing out in the city where I heard there are some good Indian/Pakistani places and spirit of these places generally cheers one up. Have been reading books but have started wondering why I read so much. Have never stopped and thought about what I read, just guzzle down one book after another. Why? No clue. I guess trying to catch up on the 17-18 years of missed literary action in the life. But that’s hard to do. Still worth an attempt. But it’s getting tiring now. Started reading The book. This will be interesting and challenging for me to get to the end of while taking in what It means and says. Will try to not stop the endeavor in the middle like most other useful things I set about to do.

Had some free time at hands past few days and hence, have been writing people a lot of emails. Some real long ones. There are two drafts with subject titles. Two very essential and important emails. Havn’t got the strength to start filling in words the body of the emails. Some things that matter in life are the ones that make your life tough. People or other matters, essential stuff (in my OPINION) should be made non-essential. Life would be easy. A life of sanayasi more like it. But even that is not fun when I think about it. Another OPINION.

Again losing the thread (must be kidding myself, never had any thread to begin with). They celebrated the 61st republic day with such pomp and show. They would have done better if all had helped those who are freezing out on the roads of Delhi with the money wasted. But celebrations are not a waste. They say that’s what life is all about. Celebrating and rejoicing. Essentially yes, but then you tend to agree more if you have more to celebrate. If you only have life and that too is slowly getting chewed by the cold you may disagree. Still all opinions. Saw on the news people making good business out of renting blankets, daris etc. every night. That’s another approach to life. Making full use of every opportunity. Some people wait for lady luck some make their own.

Yes, the snow. It’s very cold. I mean the snow. Try touching it. I did. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Of course I am not kidding. To kid with you, about snow. I have to be crazy. What? Since when? Well that’s a news. Never knew that. Come on, you are a friend. You should let me know such important things about me. Me? You say so. Well I am always forthcoming with all that I have to say about anything and anyone. Resolution. Which one? Didn’t I tell you about the resolution? Oh yes, I did. Now that’s like a good friend. OK. No opinions about snow as well. OK snow is not cold. That’s an opinion too. OK. Snow is white. But it appears white only till the tyres make it all muddy. Not even that. That's a fact. What? OK. I said alright. Now stop it. Temper. Losing it. Who? Me. I don’t know what are you talking about. Resolutions? Anyways.

Listen to this poem. Funny? Yes, it is very funny. I made it. Definitely. Original? Of course. ‘Snowy snowey, Joe joey.’ Yes that’s the title.

“Go tell Joe. Baku is snowy.
Snowy snowey, very very snoweey.
I am sure you know Joey.
Yes, yes, dear old FRIEND(s) Joey.”

Clap Clap. Thankyou.


Mohit said...

Jees (short for Jesus - read at the end) to be very frank I liked this post though I started reading it with an opposite notion. I expected it to be highly complicated which would make it difficult for us mortals to decipher, however it wasnt.

I think you are getting stuck up in the infinite loop of 'having an opinion'. I can very well say that u have an opinion that u have too many opinion, which is another opinion and so it goes. I dont think it is wrong to have opinions as long as you are ready to modify them appropriately as and when new information arrives.

And I must say that you absolutely blundered (atleast for me) while making assumptions about how I wud respond in a conversation with you as you've written in the last para. But I feel this blunder is a good sign since it suggests that our conversations are unpredictable and more interesting. (I would have abused you and immediately diverted the conversation when you wud have started talking about 'kidding').

Keep was interesting after all....

PS. Jees (short for Jesus)
1. Jesus - In hostel, after taking a bath, Sungha used to stand in white clothes with hair open - resembling Jesus Christ.

2. Jesus - From the movie 'The Big Lebowski - here goes the dialogue - it is self explainatory:

Jesus Quintana: You ready to be f***ed, man? I see you rolled your way into the semis. Dios mio, man. Liam and me, we're gonna fuck you up.

The Dude: Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Jesus Quintana: Let me tell you something, pendejo. You pull any of your crazy shit with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I'll take it away from you, stick it up your a** and pull the f***ing trigger 'til it goes "click."

The Dude: Jesus.

Jesus Quintana: You said it, man. Nobody f***s with the Jesus.

in.evenflow said...

I wanted to read it in full in one single reading before making any comment. And, that took some time :)

I liked that you have put a lot of effort in it and your years of reading reflect into your writing. Good job from our own thinking surdy!


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