Thursday, July 09, 2020

Vikas aur Chowkidaar

Many chowkidaars have been looking for and looking after Vikas.

Some for sixty years.

Some for six years.

Some for six days.

Decades long search brought the first group to the gates of Vikas. Now they guard the swanky commercial complexes and premier high-rises, prime symbols of Vikas. They guard it from what is outside those gates, from what they saw on their journey here, and what they have left behind from where they came, the un-Vikas, which needs to be hidden behind walls when we say Namaste to those who don’t know how to say it.

The second group found it six years back and they have been guarding it with their souls. Each day they trade a part of their soul in its protection. Some at 8pm, some at 9pm, some at 10pm; for an hour or two, every day they guard Vikas at their respective primetime, super-primetime, ultimate-super-duper primetime. They guard it against the external forces – the Chinese, the Pakistanis, sometime even the Nepalis, but more than that they guard it against the internal evil – the tukde-tukde gang, the choor-choor gang, and many other such gangs.

The third group have been on duty ever since the freedom-at-midnight. Vikas isn’t their prime concern. It hasn’t been for long. It became their concern only six days ago – when it came in their way and ambushed them.

Epilogue - A temple. A chowkidar. Vikas.

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