Thursday, August 27, 2020


Times Now studio, PrimeTime, Navika in a green sari avatar, stands next to the life size display and reads what is allegedly Rhea’s WhatsApp chat. Not read, shouts.

‘Dude Bhubaneshwar is the scene.’

The ticker at the bottom is in overdrive. ‘RHEA DRUG DOSSIER EXPLODES’ ‘(Hashtag)IndiaForRheaArrest.’

Next slide appears. She continues… ‘Best weed ever’

Rahul ShivShankar (RSS) eggs her on. She takes decibels and drama a notch higher.

‘She knows it all, she says it’s the best weed ever.’

Dear Navika, no matter what the truth and reality of SSR case is, Rhea doesn’t know it all. Whatever weed she allegedly tried isn’t even close to the best.

What you, RSS, Rahul, Arnab, Sudhir, and most of your other TRP competitors take before you head to your primetime and superprimetime tamashas beats every other variety. That is the best of the lot.

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