Thursday, November 26, 2020


In Hindu mythology, Varun, is the ruler of the sky and the upholder of cosmic and moral law, is guardian of the west and is particularly associated with oceans and waters.

We know another Varun these days. According to DRDO – ‘Varun, Vehicle Mounted Water Cannon System, provides an effective, non-lethal means for dispersal of violent mobs.’ Note the word ‘violent’ in the definition. The crowds in Delhi during Nirbhaya protests come to mind. And the farmers today.

Navdeep - The soft-spoken son of a farmer, who turned the jets of today’s Varun off last night. And then he took a leap. A leap of faith. A leap for generations. Navdeep – New lamp. New Light. New flame.

Of all Hindu deities, Varun is the judgemental god, providing justice and punishment to everyone. His noose tightens and the sinners plead.

The Varun of myth stood for the weak, against the tyrants. The Varun’s of today stand with their jets facing the weak. It is up to the Navdeeps of today to carry forward the light.

Sinners beware. The noose is coming.




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