Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Spirit of Mumbai

The waves start from Dahanu Road, Kalyan & Panvel, the waves start before Sun brings life, the waves start with young, old, rich and poor, the waves emanate from towers, from chawls, from penthouses and from under the flyovers, the waves start every day, even the days when the world stops.

The waves travel via Virar, Boriwali and Andheri picking up energy, the waves travel via Dombivali, Thane, and Ghatkopar assembling flavours, the waves travel via Mansarovar, Vashi and Chembur collecting sounds, the waves go over the land, the waves go under the land, the waves go over the water and for four months every year the waves come under the rains, the waves travel every hour, even the hours when Sachin bats.

And then the waves converge, converge to the heart, converge and complete the spirit with its colors and shades and then the heartbeat ticks. And like blood the waves flow out of CST, out of Dadar, out of Churchgate. The waves carry that undying spirit that is Mumbai, the waves carry the spirit every moment even the moments when the bombs go on, even the moments when the guns fire, even the moments when the swords strike, the waves carry the spirit even in these moments when the God’s chose to rest.

Lehron ka shor, hawa ka jor, daudti jindagi…

Our offices and banks in March of 1993, our markets and roads in August of 2003, our travel and trains in July 2006, our hotels, hospitals and cafes in November 2008, and again they came in July of 2011, and they came before that, they came in between and they still plan to come in future. They come unknowing that Mumbai is strong - the tetra pods of Nariman Point brave the terror of sea every moment, they come unknowing that Mumbai is accommodating - there is always space for more of us to squeeze into the bulge that is our peak hour local, they come unknowing that Mumbai teaches it’s children to live a life which is fast, hard, unforgiving and they come unknowing that Mumbai sings, Mumbai dances, Mumbai loves, Mumbai cares, they come unknowing that be it July or be it November, the spirit of Mumbai is in every breath, in every moment.

Kadmon ki taalon pe geet gati si bedhadak jindagi...

(written Nov 2012, Laxcon towers, Palm Beach road, Navi Mumbai)

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