Saturday, December 05, 2020


 Seen her?

Probably, in the usual places they make you look. The one in paint by Aabindranath Tagore. Or, the one in stone, in many temples dedicated to her. Or, most likely, the one on every ‘akhand bharat’ poster where she stands beautifully erect, next to her lion.

Or, maybe, Mother India Nargis ploughing the fields?

Mohinder Kaur remembers her age as 80-85years, a few years shy of what real life Nargis would have been today. In the video below, the interviewer asks her, “Thodi dhooyi vich kub kiven pai geya?” ‘How did you get a bent back?’

Mohinder Kaur – ‘Khetibadi karde rahein. Kirsani. Bande nu saah ho janda. Bachche niyane si. Fer mainu moohre lagna peya.” ‘Doing farm work. Husband had asthma, kids were young, so I took the lead.’ When asked what all she used to do, she remembers with excitement making mud channels to water her fields and harvesting wheat and cotton with her hands.

She dismisses the unnecessary controversy created around her photo from a protest she participated in against the farm laws.

Interviewer – “Hun thoda Delhi jaan da koi vichar hai?” ‘Do you have any plans for going to Delhi?’ Watch her straighten that bent back, an energy courses through her body, and a passion enter her words “Main ta hun tur joon delhi.” “I will march to Delhi right now.”

She has no lion. She walks with the help of a stick.

“Desh di seva hi kar diye.” “Let me serve my country.”

“Apni Khushi naal gayi saan…. Kirsana di… Bacheyan di.. Sewa layi” ‘I go happily to serve farmers and my children.‘

Don’t go looking anywhere. Bharat Mata walks amidst us in flesh and blood.



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