Monday, December 21, 2020


“All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) Saturday claimed that 33 farmers participating in the ongoing protests have so far died since November 26 due to accidents, illness and cold weather conditions.

According to AIKS, ‘Homage Day’ will be observed in different parts of the country on Sunday to pay tributes to those farmers who lost their lives.” – The Tribune, 19 December 2020.

Walk with them, through the sea of tractor-trolleys, through the sea of humanity, through the sea of slogans. 

Walk with them in homage.


The poster in Punjabi says – ‘Inquilab udeekeyan nahi, keeteyan aunda hai‘ - ‘Revolution doesn’t happen by waiting, it happens by doing.’

Sir Choturam’s quote in Hindi – ‘Doosre log jab sarkar se naraaz hote hain, to kanoon todte hain. Par kisaan jab naraaz hoga to kanoon nahi todega, sarkar ki peeth bhi todega’  ‘Other people when upset with government break laws. But when farmers will be upset with government, they will not break laws, they will also break the government’s back.’

PS – Do the elderly look like they are in any hurry? There is a reason they have put Sir Choturam’s quote!

PS - There is a reason why inquilab is written in red.

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