Thursday, December 31, 2020


2020 has been a horrible year and 2020 has been a wonderful year.

Corona trapped us, scared us, confined us. 19-20 ka antar! Well, that idiom might never get used again such was the difference between the two years.

There was one similarity though - winter of 19 brought a resistance to the streets of urban India. The winter of 20 brought a resistance from its villages. But, as 19 turned to 20 the resistance was turned into horror – on streets, on TV screens and inside police stations, courtrooms and jails.

A much stronger fire burns today – in their makeshift chulhas, in their roadside bonfires, in their hearts and in their resolve. And in salute to the million fires burning along the miles of various townships of resistance, the fire in the sky also burns bright. As 20 turns to 21, there is hope that the outcome will belong to the people, not the party.

Singhu Border

Tikri Border

Ghazipur Border




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