Monday, December 21, 2020


Walking through the tractor-trolley township of the farmers movement gives one hope. No matter how deep you walk along the many miles of the township, the spirit, the josh never leaves. Amidst the speeches, the sloganeering, the cooking and consuming of langars, the cleaning of living and walking spaces, the men and women have made this place their homes. Groups sit playing cards and smoking hukkas like they are sitting at their village corners. And everyone here is looking after their corners and looking after one another.

Amidst fighting this battle at many fronts - on marches against the police and state machinery, on roads here with the elements of the North Indian winters, of managing the logistics of living on roads and keeping the josh alive, in meetings with govt – the farmers movement is also giving a lesson or two to others on two key fronts – fighting misinformation and controlling narrative - which essentially boils down to handling the lapdog mainstream media and the Joseph Goebbels of our times ‘the BJP IT Cell.’

And may be the future generations of this country will be thankful to this movement for ensuring that these vultures were dealt with properly.

These images from Singhu tell a tale of how far the mainstream media have fallen in the eyes of the common man.

We have seen videos where youngsters are escorting the reporters from these lapdog organisations out of the protest sites. Independent media, youtube channels, small media houses are welcomed by farmers with open arms and given full access with warmth and hospitality. And even with these smaller organisations the position of movement leaders is that if you want an official statement of the sanyukt morcha – attend the press conference (the only place for official statements).

What the BJP IT cell didn’t account for was that not only the sons and daughters of these farmers, many farmers themselves know how to handle smart phones and be present on social media. And boy-oh-boy did they forget about the diaspora and the farming community’s reach all over the world. #Tractor2Twitter trended with vigor.

And the movement has given a lesson or two to the mouthpiece celebrities as well. Photos of Kangna with a blackened face are pasted everywhere. She is used to getting a free pass from most other celebrities in Bollywood for fear of troll onslaught, but celebrities from Panjab answered her punch to punch.

Someone has put a message for her on a poster pasted on a drum. The photo and message explain how after having spent their days in Mir Manu’s prison grinding fifty kg wheat every day, surviving on one bread and water and having heads of little children garlanded around their necks, the women prayed to the almighty for the welfare of all - even their oppressors. The message tells Kangna that the women in this movement are the daughters of these women.

As the movement completes three weeks, more and more citizens (of our country and of the world) are joining it. Hundreds of independent voices join everyday to help, support and build the narrative and spread correct information.

A group of volunteers have started TrolleyTimes – a biweekly in Punjabi and Hindi covering news, statements, stories, images and poetry related to the movement.

And in an organized effort to counter the BJP IT cell, the volunteers have now launched an all out social media force under the banner KisanEktaMorcha. Search for it on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms and join the movement.

Remember – this is not only for the farmers, this one is for the ages. Come join the movement.

सिर्फ हंगामा खड़ा करना मेरा मकसद नहीं,

सारी कोशिश है कि ये सूरत बदलनी चाहिए।

मेरे सीने में नहीं तो तेरे सीने में सही,

हो कहीं भी आग, लेकिन आग जलनी चाहिए।

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