Saturday, December 12, 2020


Stage is set. In his elements – he has a stage and a devoted audience – he is in full flow.

“Guru Nanak Devji ne, aur badi sateek baat kahi hai, Guru Nanak Dev ji ne bhi kaha hai, jab lag duniya rahi ai nanak kichhoo suniye kichhoo kahiye. Yani, jab tak sansar rahe tab tak samvad chalte rehna chahiye.”

Samwad - Discussion, Dialog, Conversation.

What he wants to say to you farmers, hiding behind Nanak’s words, is that please continue with the discussions.

Where was Samwad when at the height of the pandemic, the ordinances were brought it?

Where was Samwad when despite opposition from the farming community, and opposition in the parliament, these bills were bulldozed though without a proper vote?

Where was Samwad when the elderly sat on railway tracks, and roads for over two months?

Where was Samwad, when the govt issued ultimatum that no goods train (and hence no fertilizers for farmers) without allowing passenger trains?

Where was Samwad when the tear guns were fired, and water cannon jets launched?

Dear farmers, what he wants to say to you, hiding behind Nanak’s words, is that please continue with the discussions, while every possible resource at the state’s disposal - mainstream media, Joseph Goebbels of our times the BJP IT Cell, govt ministers and party members – continue to discredit you, your movement, give it a color of separatism, and in general wait for you to tire and go back.

Whoever advised him to use Nanak’s words – should have looked at what Nanak said just one line before.

naam khasam kaa chit na kee-aa kaptee kapat kamaanaa.

The deceitful person does not remember the Lord's Name; he practices only deceit.

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