Monday, December 28, 2020


It is not that these barriers are too strong to stop their march, like they proved on 26th and 27th of November, it is just that they have decided to camp here – for now. But the administration, the state, the powers that be can’t help but think that they can ford this flood. So, they create these illusions - concrete blocks and metal barriers and a no man’s land in between.

On one side the guards stand in silence, on the other the rebels are a sea of celebration of human spirit.

On one side there are ranks – juniors standing attention to seniors who in turn stand attention to more seniors. On the other side they all are equal - their honor and words their chain of command.

On one side they all line for inspection at roll call and to salute their officers. On the other, there are no officers, but plenty of salutes to each other.

On one side they have thrown old containers, trailers with deflated tyres to block a potential forward march. On the other side they have converted such trailers and containers into homes.

On one side sun rises to another difficult day of duty for the watchmen of the powers that be. On the other side the sun rises on another welcome day of duty for the watchmen of people and their rights.

On one side the bodies are dressed in one color. The other side is a rainbow of colors.

On one side it is a colony with bated breath, a look of death. The other side a city teeming with life.

In between, the no man’s land stands witness.

And in the gathering of rebels, a few rebels jump into the no man’s land for a selfie.




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